Friday, October 1, 2010

V.D.V. _ Russian Paratroopers or the Foreign Legion

It's not only the marines in Russia (or previously the Soviet union) that adopted the French marinière for their uniform, it was and is pretty much their whole defense force.

The Paratroopers (or V.D.V.) are the most notorious, in their blue&white striped shirts. Every year on 2 August former troopers get drunk and bathe in fountains; it's the Airborne Forces Day, generally ending in drunkenness and violence (especially to everyone without a fair white skin and of another religion but Russian orthodoxy...). 
At least it makes for interesting pictures, but personally, I'd rather be liberated by French Foreign legion troops than Russians.


  1. Replies
    1. Ask those who were liberated by the Red Army...

    2. The Red Army did to the German Nazis (and her allies) what the German Nazis (and her allies) did to the Soviet Union in the early stages of "The Great Patriotic War". The Red Army won the war against Nazi Germany. The Red Army took the bulk of the fighting in the struggle against Nazi Germany.

  2. An eye for an eye, the never ending cycle of revenge and returned hatred. Pity you can't see that, despite suffering of the Soviet peoples under the Nazi's and the heroic war fought by the Red Army, they also committed great atrocities.

  3. Many sides in WW2 committed atrocities,including the U.S. and England (Nagasaki and Hiroshima,the fire-bombing of German cities,etc.). But,all things considered,the U.S.A. is probably the world's biggest warmonger. We have somewhere between 700 and a thousand military bases around the globe,and spend half our national wealthg on the military year in and year out,decade in and decade out,century after century. Let's get off the military kick! Eisenhower warned about the "military-industrial complex.

  4. Im for one is glad we have the us to defend our rights around the world.
    im not american but from europe,but i side with the us against terror etc.
    USA is the only superpower who can do .
    Forget about the russians,they say most of the time because they proberly sell weapons to theother part in this war against terror.

    1. The so-called "War On Terror" is so much bullshit."One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter",as the old saying goes. Besides,terrorism is a police and security matter,not a military concern.Saying that you are conducting a "War On Terror" is like saying that you are going to have a "War On Burglary"--forget it! It's just an excuse to keep the military--and all those big arms companies that support the military--in business. Can't have soldiers sitting around idle with their bayonets getting rusty,God forbid! So let's go drop some bombs on Arabs-it's good sport!